Big Wolf on Campus

Big Wolf on Campus is a TV series about the adventures of Tommy Dawkins, a student in his senior year at high school who was turned into a werewolf after being bitten on a camping trip the night before the first day of school. Tommy Dawkins can turn to for help is the school nerd and Goth Fantasy Guild President Merton J Dingle.

Now Tommy & Merton while still looking for a cure for Tommy's condition fight a whole slew of baddies in Pleasantville including Mummies, Vampires, 50's Bullies, Witches and other supernatural entities to keep his hometown of Pleasantville safe, even though almost everyone in Pleasantville believes that The Pleasantville Werewolf is dangerous. Also joining them in there adventures later on is Lori Baxter, a young woman who loves wrestling, and is not afraid to fight anything that endangers her or her friends.

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The Simpsons

The Simpsons is an Award-winning animated American sitcom, the Simpsons were the brainchild of cartoonist Matt Groening . It is a parody of the Middle American lifestyle epitomized by its title family.

The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield, and lampoons many aspects of the human condition, as well as American culture, society as a whole, and television itself. The Simpsons is currently the longest-running American sitcom, and the longest-running American animated program. The most successful animated family in television history.

The Simpsons Family:

  • Homer J. Simpson - father
  • Marjorie "Marge" Simpson - mother
  • Bartholomew Jojo "Bart" Simpson - son
  • Lisa Marie Bartzina Simpson - daughter
  • Margaret "Maggie" Simpson - daughter

Extended family:

  • Abraham J. "Grampa" Simpson - Homer's father
  • Mona J. Simpson - Homer's mother
  • Jacqueline Ingrid "Jackie" Bouvier - Marge's mother
  • Clancy Bouvier - Marge's father, deceased
  • Patricia "Patty" Bouvier - Marge's sister, a twin to Selma
  • Selma Bouvier Terwilliger Hutz McClure Stu Simpson - Marge's sister, a twin to Patty
  • Ling Bouvier - Selma's adopted daughter
  • Herbert Anthony "Herb" Powell - Homer's half-brother
  • Gladys Bouvier - Marge's aunt, deceased
  • Abbie Simpson - Homer's English half-sister
  • Amber - Homer's Vegas ex-wife, deceased
  • Orville Simpson - Homer's grandfather, deceased
  • Maggie Junior - Maggie's daughter
  • Uncle Tyrone - Homer's uncle who lives in Dayton, Ohio, presumably deceased
  • Great Uncle Cyrus - Abraham Simpson's older brother
  • Great Aunt Hortense - one of Marge's great-aunts, deceased
  • Second Cousin Stanley - Shoots birds at the airport, presumably for the Airport Authority
  • Great Uncle Chet - Runs an unsuccessful shrimp company
  • Doctor Simpson - Chief of Complicated Surgery at the Invasive Care Clinic.

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8 simple rules

8 Simple Rules, originally known as 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter is a television sitcom about the Hennessy clan, set in a Detroit, Michigan suburb. mother Cate (Katey Sagal), daughters Bridget (Kaley Cuoco) and Kerry (Amy Davidson), and son Rory (Martin Spanjers). They look to one another for guidance and support after the death of Paul (John Ritter), the family patriarch. Cate's parents (James Garner and Suzanne Pleshette) lend a hand.

The rules are:
  1. Use your hands on my daughter and you'll lose them after.

  2. You make her cry, I make you cry.

  3. Safe sex is a myth. Anything you try will be hazardous to your health.

  4. Bring her home late, there's no next date.

  5. Only delivery men honk. Dates ring the doorbell. Once.

  6. No complaining while you're waiting for her. If you're bored, change my oil.

  7. If your pants hang off your hips, I'll gladly secure them with my staple gun.

  8. Dates must be in crowded public place. You want romance? Read a book.

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a television series based on the DC Comics comic book character Wonder Woman, the amazonian princess who leaves the island of Themyscira to fight for justice in man's world. During World War II, a plane piloted by Major Steve Trevor crashes near Paradise Island, the secret hidden island home of the mighty and eternally young Amazons. He is rescued by Princess Diana and learns of the war against the Nazis. The Amazons decide to send one of their own to help fight in this crisis. Although forbidden to participate in the selection process, Diana joins secretly and wins the right and responsibility to go. She would spin to transform into Wonder Wonder, armed with a magic belt giving her tremendous strength, bracelets that can stop any bullet, a tiara that can be thrown as a returning weapon and a unbreakable magic lasso that can force anyone to tell the truth. Wonder Woman also had the ability to impersonate anyone's voice, which sometimes came in handy over the phone.

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The Amazing SpiderMan

The Amazing Spider-Man is the first live-action TV series made to the popular comic book Story about Peter Parker, freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle. Peter is bitten by a radioactive spider while on an assignment, and gains the abilities of a spider, such as super-strength and agility and the ability to climb sheer walls and ceilings.

He constructs web-shooters, which he wears on his wrists over the costume, in this version, and became natural in the new movie version which allow him to swing from building to building and to catch crooks in a massive web and also create his own costume and began fighting crimes as the superhero Spider-Man.

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