Brimstone, a sci-fi series story about Ezekiel "Zeke" Stone, a former New York City Police detective was sent to Hell for murdering of his wife's rapist. Stone took a personal enjoyment in the killing, and for this reason, Stone was sent to hell when he die. He spends 15 years in hell, fifteen years later, a breakout from Hell occurs, and 113 spirits escape.

The devil needs someone to send them back to hell,
so the devil assigned Ezekial after them, his missions is to return 113 spirits who have escaped from hell to Earth. The devil makes a deal with Stone. If he track down these 113 escapees, and if he can return all 113 to hell he will earn a second chance at life on Earth, and therefore, Heaven. But all of the escapees as well as Stone are supernaturally indestructible, the only way to send someone back to Hell is to destroy their eyes, the "windows of the soul."

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