The Muppet Show

The Muppets, diverse hand-operated puppets, typically with over-sized eyes and large moving mouths. The television show depicted a vaudeville or music hall style song and dance variety show, as well as the backstage antics involved in putting the show on. The show was well-known for outrageous, highly physical, sometimes absurdist comedy, and particularly for using its puppet characters to create uniquely humorous parodies. Each show also featured a human guest star, many major celebrities were eager to perform with the Muppets on television and in film.

The Muppet Characters
  • Kermit the Frog, director and host of the Muppet Show.
  • Miss Piggy, a glamorous diva pig in dual pursuit of stardom and Kermit.
  • Fozzie Bear, a stand-up comic bear, and Kermit's unofficial second-in-command.
  • Scooter, the gofer. His uncle owns the theatre.
  • Gonzo, a.k.a. The Great Gonzo or Gonzo the Great, stuntman, daredevil, performance artist and general all-around weirdo.
  • The Swedish Chef, a cook with weird culinary habits who speaks in a language of Scandinavian-sounding double-talk called "mock Swedish".
  • Rowlf the Dog The show's resident wisecracking piano player.Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Head of Muppet Labs, a scientist and inventor.
  • Beaker, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's hapless guinea pig/assistant.
  • Camilla, a chicken, Gonzo's true love.
  • Sam the (American Bald) Eagle, American superpatriot and self-imposed censor of the Muppet Show.
  • Dr. Teeth, ultra-hip band leader, and keyboard player for Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.
  • Sgt. Floyd Pepper, bass guitarist and all around hip person of Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem.
  • Janice, the Band's hippie-chick lead guitarist (and Floyd's main squeeze). Ozker in the first season and Richard Hunt for the remainder of the run.
  • Animal, the Band's savage, missing-link drummer.
  • Zoot, the sleepy saxophone player in the Electric Mayhem and the Muppet Show's orchestra.
  • Lips, trumpet player for the "Mayhem" added in the fifth season.
  • Lew Zealand, boomerang fish thrower and generally fish-obsessed performer.
  • Statler & Waldorf, two old men who occupy the box seat at every show and heckle the performances.
  • Annie Sue, A young pig, Miss Piggy's innocent rival.
  • Foo-Foo, Miss Piggy's dog.
  • Sweetums, a 9-foot-tall monster.
  • Thog, a 10-foot-tall furry, blue monster.
  • Link Hogthrob, A hunky but brain-dead pig, star of "Pigs in Space", Captain of the USS Swinetrek. Also stars in "Bear On Patrol".
  • Dr. Julius Strangepork, the science officer in "Pigs in Space".
  • Beauregard, the dimwitted janitor and stagehand.
  • Crazy Harry, a pyrotechnician and bomb expert who enjoys blowing things up far too much.
  • Robin, Kermit's small nephew.
  • Uncle Deadly, also called "the Phantom of the Muppet Show", a sinister character who lurks around the theatre and appears occasionally on the show.
  • The Flying Zucchini Brothers, A group of human cannonballs and acrobats.
  • Pops, the elderly doorman.
  • Marvin Suggs, the sadistic, crazed and flamboyant Muppaphone man.
  • George, the crotchety old janitor.
  • Mildred Huxtetter, George's dancing partner.
  • Wayne and Wanda, a terrible singing duo plagued by bad luck.
  • Hilda, The elderly wardrobe mistress.
  • Mahna Mahna, the singer of the song by the same name, and the Snowths, the 2 pink creatures that sing Doo-doo-de-do-do!.

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